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Nuvi 37xx series TMC system – COMPLAINT
Why I cannot accept UI for TMC System (nuvi 3790T) ?

I’m using Garmin devices nuvi series starting 2007 and I guess I know it very well.
Different devices have different UI for TMC so I’m trying to convince Garmin the older method (nuvi 760, 765) was useful against newer one (37xx series).
When you buy new flagship device you are sure it will be good or even better than older series.

Garmin removed grey TMC icon ... forever.

“The traffic icon was changed from grey to green because of customer feedback"

Basing on my experiences (nuvi 3790T SW 4.10) green TMC icon still appears on nuvi's map screen in following scenario:

1. Nuvi is receiving TMC signal as one of following Level Values:
   „Strong”, „Marginal”, „Weak”, and also „no signal”.
    You can check Level Value on FM Traffic Status screen (Developer Info).

2. Nuvi is disconnected from Suction Cup Mount (cradle).
    It means: no cable connection with GTM35. I can see green icon although there is no
    connection with GTM35 cable. For this scenario you must receive few TMC Reports first.

“The traffic icon was changed from grey to green because of customer feedback"

That was actually proper behavior. Icon was getting grey when reception of TMC was stopped. Now after acquiring literally one event icon stays green for certain period of time even, if there is no reception. This is misleading and surely was not requested by users who complained about poor reception caused by GTMs or bad FM coverage.
Of course this is nicely hiding issues with perception and just creates assumption that TMC system works properly. This kind of behavior combined with practically no visibility on severity of cases (now yellow icon can mean 2 or 60 minutes) which are ahead of user makes TMC practically not usable. You cannot judge, if the automatic rerouting is based on latest traffic announcements, or just few events acquired half an hour ago before connection was lost.

New UI forces user who wants to rely on TMC announcements to check status manually. You must admit that this may be serious treat for drivers as this distracts them. I think both US and European authorities who perceive TMC as important part of driving safety programs will be extremely disappointed, if one of the leading suppliers instead of using TMC according to theirs expectation would create additional safety risks.

Below description shows behavior of my 3790 with GTM35 TMC receiver. Below screens are made when “green icon” is displayed on the map screen (nuvi 3790T SW 4.10).

Poor reception for 65 minutes:

Poor reception 65 minutes

Poor reception for about 12 min. 39 seconds:

Poor reception 13 minutes

As mentioned for both cases above I saw green icon on the upper-left corner on the map screen.
To be sure there is still “no signal” I had to press “green icon” every 5 minutes. I think this is not proper and intended behavior.

"To better serve our customers, and to more easily manage the volume of submitted ideas, we created an idea portal for the public (www.garmin.com/ideas).  This web portal can be used by Garmin customers, or any other members of the public, to submit and share unsolicited product ideas."

Thank you for suggestion. Unfortunately I cannot accept your Term of Use:
"Garmin receives lots of ideas. Please don’t expect to hear back from us".

Please excuse me, maybe my English is not good enough, but I do not want you to include any new idea of mine. I just request you make feature you sold to me with the device properly working.
As described above current usage is harmed by not usable UI and I expect your official reaction, if you consider bringing back proper behavior or you neglect your user feedback and will not do any further improvements.

User, mark Avoidances option to solve your problems.

"As you have said you do not want to touch the screen the only option at this point would be for you to from the main menu screen do the following /…/."

Basing on my experiences with nuvi 3790T using “Avoiding option” is not a viable solution.
I have tested this feature comparing with other brand GPS system during longer trip to Dusseldorf Germany from Katowice (1100km x 2). I can tell that sometimes TMC reports are completely outdated. Of course I understand such issues may apply to all GPS systems, but here it was obvious that Nuvi 3790 was lagging behind the other device. In such case blindly relying on mentioned “Avoidance option” in nuvi produces unnecessary avoidances wasting driver’s time, disrupting his attention and of course generate costs.
Knowing above I will never use suggested nuvi option:
Tools -> Settings -> Navigation -> Car -> nuRoute -> Avoidances -> Traffic (mark)

It is not in a fact a question: “I’m more familiar with the area”, it is rather the question:
“I cannot trust TMC reports and let nuvi take decisions for me”. And this is not only about outdated TMC messages but also about very bad UI not showing properly to user reasons for rerouting.

Being Garmin hobbyist and owner from couple of years I would recommend Garmin Product Managers visiting couple of places where nuvi 3790 users comment current SW.

I hope my official opinion will help R&D to return previous UI for TMC system.
I really can't believe: "Please understand that the device works as it was intended to work". 
Can't believe, Sir.

Mariusz (Poland)

I will never buy & recommend Garmin product. It's too risky.

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