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Wsparcie dla nowych użytkowników urządzeń GPS serii nüvi.
Polish speedcams and dangerous section
3rd of May 2015

Speedcams: 1331 points
Danger sections:   307 points

             TOTAL:  1638 points
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Speedcams - GPI file for Poland.

Starting 12th of May 2015 no more files available.
I'm sorry.
Game over !

Here is a special GPI file for your nuvi with two categories:
- speedcams (real and also dummy)
- danger sections (just be careful: traffic or other surprises on the road).
Yes, of course ... only for Poland.

Nuvi screenshot

What to do with it ?
1. Download GPI file (in ZIP format).
2. Unzip to GPI.
3. Change a filename (if you want).
4. Copy to your nuvi or SD card to C:\Garmin\Poi
5. Visit Poland (our nice country) with your nuvi.

What you should know before you start ?
* There is no voice information in my file. You will hear "gong" as prompt message.
* "Speedcams" for us means also dummy speedcams traps.

Many people create our database.
For more informations feel free to visit UMPpcPL website: http://ump.waw.pl/en/index.html

File for download: Poi_pl.gpi (in ZIP format).

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